The Observatório do Lago Alqueva, together with the Associação Portuguesa de Astrónomos Amadores (APAA), organize an Amateur Astronomers Meeting during the afternoon of the 10th of April.

In this night, with the participation of the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences, takes place OLA’s second Messier Marathon where we set ourselves to observe through the telescope the maximum possible number of galaxies, nebulae and open and globular clusters from the 110 objects belonging to the Messier catalog built by Charles Messier, the french astronomer of the 18th century.

Accommodation. There are several possibilities for accommodation in the vicinity of the observatory. See some of our recommendations here. It is also possible to camp in OLA’s field.

Vehicles with telescopes may enter the park of the observatory to the observation platforms until 21:00 on Saturday and can only leave after 2:00 on Sunday.

Entry to the meeting: 0€.

Entry to the marathon: without telescope 15€, 9€ (adult, youngster); with telescope 0€.


To register in the Marathon, please fill in this form.


Program to be annouced soon.

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Date(s) - 10/04/2021 - 11/04/2021
14:00 - 6:00


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