In the largest observatory in Alentejo, we have special activities for you

A guided tour of the magnificent night sky of Monsaraz, where one can learn the orientation by the North Star, identify the constellations and learn their legends. We use high resolution telescopes to observe deep sky objects like planets, clusters, binaries, nebula, galaxies and much more. Very simple concepts of astronomy and astrophysics are also introduced to better contextualize the observations. More information.

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A giant ball of gas at 5600ºC at 150.000.000km where you can fit approximately 1.300.000 Earths. Who doesn’t want to see this? We explore and observe in great detail a very dynamic solar surface that changes every day. Here we can find, sun spots, filaments, ejections and prominences, most commonly known as solar explosions! More information.

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The Observatório do Lago Alqueva – OLA makes the observing platforms available to be used by amateur astronomers and astrophotographers. The platforms are places in the OLA terrain, protected from the reduced light pollution surrounding OLA, which where projected taking into account their usage to make astronomical observations or acquiring astrophotographs. The platforms are places that were leveled and they contain 4 pillars with electrical connection, which enable the usage of telescopes with Go-To without the need to resort to batteries. More information.

OLA offers activities for children where the young astronomers learn more about science and astronomy in an entertaining and relaxed way. More information.

In the Observatório do Lago Alqueva – OLA one can find activities centered on Astronomy. The activities are planned taking into consideration the different school years and the curricular plan of the Natural Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics classes. More information.

OLA has observation sessions for large groups outside the observatory. In case you plan to have a session in the facilities of your company, school or in any event your are organizing, we have at your service the experience of our sky guides and our equipment. For more information or for prices, please contact us. More information.

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The OLA’s auditorium has capacity for about 60 seating people and is equipped with an interactive projection system. This ample room is also the space where are displayed the photographic exhibitions authored by Portuguese astrophotographers and amateur astronomers. It has also an original decoration on the ceiling, where a representation of a few real constellations simulated by optical fibbers can be appreciated. The auditorium is available to be rented by companies and/or other entities, for the realization of events. Contact-us for more info.