Solar observation

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A giant ball of gas at 5600ºC at 150.000.000km where you can fit approximately 1.300.000 Earths. Who doesn’t want to see this?

It has always been said that you should never look at directly at the sun. Well, here at OLA we have telescopes that were specifically designed to observe the solar surface in great detail and maximum safety! Come see ejections, prominences, sunspots and more!

The whole experience is accompanied by a professional guide in the area. Explanations are given in an accessible language by OLA guides who are more than prepared to answer all kinds of questions.

Suitable for all ages.

  • We use highly specialized telescopes like the Lunt Solar Systems 100mm H-alpha to get amazing views of the solar chromosphere.


Every day from Tuesday to Saturday during the afternoon. Time changes throughout the year but here is a general rule:

  • Spring and Summer: 17h or 18h
  • Autum and Winter: 15h or 16h



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