Astronomical Observations

Promotion: For each Astronomical Observation ticket purchased you will receive a 25% discount for each Solar Observation ticket. For online reservations the codes are sent in the confirmation e-mail. If you didn’t book online, just show us your booking confirmation and the discount will be applied onsite before purchase.

A guided tour of the magnificent night sky of Monsaraz, where one can learn the orientation by the North Star, identify the constellations and learn their legends. We use high resolution telescopes to observe deep sky objects like planets, clusters, binaries, nebula, galaxies and much more. Very simple concepts of astronomy and astrophysics are also introduced to better contextualize the observations.

The explanations are presented with clear examples and simple language by OLA’s guides. who are more than able to answer every question including existencial ones!


From Tuesday to Saturday all year round, except for July and August, when we open every day of the week.

  • March to October at 21:30 and 23:00
  • May to July at 22h00 and 23h30 (during these months we start the sessions slightly later due to the proximity of the summer solstice)
  • November to February at 18:30 and 20h30

Whats happening in the sky:

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