Stargazing Session

From Tuesday to Saturday

  • at 21h30 (from April to October)
  • às 18h30 (from November to March)

A stroll of the magnificent night sky of the Dark Sky Reserve, where one can learn the orientation by the North Star, identify the constellations and know their legends, relate stellar colours with their ages, observe star clusters, nebulas and distant galaxies with the help of telescopes. The explanations are presented with clear examples and language by OLA’s guides.


  • Adult
  • Teenager (10-17 anos)
  • Family (máx. 2 adults and up to 4 members)
  • 12€
  •   8€
  • 30€

Note: We recommend you to bring warm clothes for the session as it might get cold at night.

Bookings: geral @ or call (+351) 960 361 906


Solar Observation

Discover the Sun with its solar spots and its prominences with our safe telescopes. Learn how to build a sundial, and understand what the height of the Sun tell us about the time and day of year.
Contact-us for booking a Solar Observation.