Discover Monsaraz night sky and be amazed with the Universe

Happening at OLA

Astronomical Observations

From Tuesday to Saturday at 21:30 and 23:00 (Summer) or 18:30 (Winter). Learn to find the polar star, identify the constellations and know their legends, relate stellar colours with their temperatures, observe star clusters, nebulas and distant galaxies with the help of our telescopes.

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Young Astronomers

Every Saturdays afternoon, from 17:00 to 18:00, OLA offers activities for children where the young astronomers learn more about science and astronomy in an entertaining and relaxed way.

Solar observation

From Tuesday to Saturday from 17:00-19:00 (Summer) or 14:00-17:00 (Winter) the observatory offers the possibility of discovering our star through safe telescopes. One can appreciate the solar spots, the protuberances and filaments on the surface of the Sun.

Photography exhibition: Sky & Sea

Exhibition of astronomical and underwater photography by professor Pedro Ré.

Workshop on landscape astrophotography

26th June. In two intense hours, the participants discover and practice how to use the camera to obtain various types of night photography, such as star trails and panoramas with the Milky Way.

Course on Introduction to Cosmology

24th July. The program addresses the big questions about our Universe. What is its origin? How did it evolve? How did matter and galaxies, stars and planets come about? How do we know that the Universe accelerates and are there other dimensions?

Workshop on landscape astrophotography

31st July. During two intense hours the participants will learn the basic camera definitions that will allow them to acquire night sky photos and learn how to process them. The session starts with a brief theoretical introduction followed by exercises in OLA’s field.

Saturn in opposition

2nd August. The day Saturn is closest to our planet and thus, the best night to observe it and its rings.


Activities for Schools

OLA offers Astronomy activities planned taking into consideration the different school years and the curricular plan of the Natural Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics classes. Check here the available activities for schools, from the 1st grade up to the 12th grade.

Activities for Senior Groups

OLA offers an ensemble of activities havin gin mind the senior groups. Check here the list of possibilities.

Equipment Rental

We have astronomical equipment available to rental.

Auditorium Rental

This ample room is the space where are displayed the photographic exhibitions authored by Portuguese astrophotographers and amateur astronomers.

Observation Platforms Rental

The observatory makes the observing platforms available to be used by amateur astronomers and astrophotographers.

External Observations for Groups

In case you plan to have a session in the facilities of your company, school or in any event your are organizing, we have at your service the experience of our sky guides and our equipment.

Online activities

Do you need time to relax with friends, do you want to create a good working environment in your team or would you like to add an activity at your school? OLA offers a collection of games and talks that can be done online for schools and companies.

Gift card

Offer a gift full of stars. Purchase a gift card with a personal message valid for any activity at the observatory.