Sara Sá

There are those who don’t dare to set foot in the water without having spent three hours on the last bite; whoever remains completely silent in front of a sleepwalker, so as not to wake him up; who truly believes that a ‘bath’ of rice is the salvation of the soggy cell phone. In the book Cem Mitos Sem Logica, Pedro Ferreira and Sara Sá deconstruct preconceived ideas, in the light of evidence. In this session, the author Sara Sá will have a conversation with the audience about the ideas made that no one escapes.

Sara Sá has a degree in Aerospace Engineering, specializing in science journalism. For more than twenty years, she has published in the magazine Visão, Visão Saúde, Visão Júnior and Exame Informática, being also the author of pieces for the television program with the same name. Her work was distinguished by the Portuguese League Against Cancer, Unesco and Apifarma. She is co-author of the book One Hundred Myths Without Logic.

Organization and support:

Data / Hora
Date(s) - 23/10/2021
21:00 - 21:45


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