Newsletter – Dezembro 2018

Newsletter December 2018

Observatório do Lago Alqueva - OLA
School of Amareleja visited OLA
In the past month, OLA received the students of the elementary school of Amareleja who had the opportunity to make a journey from Pluto to the Sun across our solar system to scale and take home a sundial constructed at the observatory.
In December and January the Lake Alqueva Observatory awaits you!
Stargazing sessions
From Tuesday to Saturday at 18:30
A guided tour of the magnificent sky of Monsaraz, where one can learn the orientation by the Northern Star, identify constellations and their legends, relate colours of stars with their ages, observe star clusters, nebulas and distant galaxies with the help of telescopes. The explanations are provided in simple language by the OLA’s guides.


Young Astronomers
Saturdays at 16:00
Saturday afternoon, from 16:30 to 17:30, OLA offers activities for children where the young astronomers learn more about science and astronomy in an entertaining and relaxed way. Consult here our calendar of activities.
15 Dec, 18:30 – Science Café: Other Earths in the Universe?
In this presentation, Prof. Nuno C. Santos (IA/U. Porto) will discuss the topic of hunting for planets around other stars. He will reveal the techniques that astrophysicists use to detect these objects and will discuss the Portuguese participation in this endeavor. Afterwards we will observe comet 46P/Wirtanen through the telescope.
29 Dec, 21:30 – Astrophotographer for one night
In just two hours, the participants are introduced and practice in our park the definitions that cameras must have in order to give the first steps into landscape astrophotography. Registration limited to a maximum of 5 people.
12 & 13 Jan – Astronomy Course I: Solar System
This module, coordinated by prof. Rui Agostinho, is the first of four. Topics on the formation of the solar system, the life of our star the Sun and the comets will be given. Suitable for all backgrounds and ages.
12 Jan, 18:30 – Science Café: The Bethlehem Star
With the help of prof. Rui Agostinho, biblical texts referring to this event will be discussed. In this presentation, realistic simulations of the sky that the three Wise Men might have seen will be shown, to conclude that the Bethlehem Star was really…


Consult all our events here


Also to be scheduled in the agenda

  • 9 & 10 February – Astronomy course II: The formation and evolution of galaxies
  • 2 & 3 de March – Astronomy course III: Telescopes
  • 6 April – Messier Marathon
  • 14 & 15 April – Astronomy course IV: From the Big Bang to the Galaxies
  • 4 May – Open Day
  • 18 May – Graphic Diary Workshop, Sky Sketchers
  • 8 June – Festival Terras sem Sombra in Barrancos



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